Lens Sucker Ⅲ

This is a product that doubles the size of the suction cup of the lens soccer (from Φ20mm to Φ40mm), which has been well received. This product is very convenient for disassembling, cleaning, and assembling lenses, because it can be moved by using the dropper and suction cup without directly touching the lens with your fingers.
(RoHS2 compliant)

*The size of the lens that can be worked on is Φ45mm or larger.
*When assembling the lens, if the suction cup marks remain on the lens, please wipe it clean using a cleaner solution.

Size: φ34 (blow ball)/φ45 (suction cup) X approx. 70 (L) mm
Weight: Approx. 16.8g
Material: Silicone rubber / Natural rubber / Brass

UNX-0613 2,200 yen (tax included) JAN: 4907822006134