Meister Series

Lens Hood & Cap


U.N original rear cap for Nikon S/Old Contax Lenses.


Spare filter for UNX-1613 high-performance filtered blower.
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Genuine Leather Case for Nikon Zfc This is a genuine leather camera case for Nikon...
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This is U.N ' original Rollei 35 type camera case designed to hold a Rollei 35 camera with a rubber or metal hood attached.
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Synchro contact cover for Leica M3/M2/M1 made of machined nylon. The color of the cover is milky white, just like the genuine product, to keep the design of the camera intact even after installation. It helps to protect the sync contacts from dust and rust (the sync contact cover raises the contacts about 1.9mm).
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This adapter converts silver oxide SR44 (4 pcs) or alkaline LR44 (4 pcs) batteries to 4LR44 (4SR44) appearance. It can be used with Canon A-1/Nikomat EL/Pentax 6x7/Contax RTS III and other 4LR44 (4SR44) models.
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This is a voltage-free adapter that converts a silver oxide battery (SR44) or alkaline battery (LR44) into a mercury battery (MR-9). It can be used for electronic models such as Canon EF.
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This is a strap fitting for the Rollei 35, a very popular classic camera, made of machined brass parts with nickel plating. Because of the special shape of the Rollei 35's strap attachment part, you can attach your favorite hand strap or neck strap by attaching this hardware.
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This is a UN's original step-up ring for Leica M viewfinder. It is a convenient item to support your photography by attaching an eyepiece auxiliary lens for Nikon (for FM3A/NewFM2/FE2/FM2/FE/FA) or diopter correction lens for Cocina (for Bessa/Zeiss Ikon).
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This is a machined brass double shoe Leica type. By attaching this double shoe to your camera, you can attach two different accessories such as a viewfinder and VC meter at the same time to support your shooting. The nickel plated finish gives it a high quality feel.