Slave Unit with X contact For straight light emission

This is a slave unit (TR system) that supports straight flash. The strobe is attached to the shoe on the ceiling and fixed on a head or tripod to enable flashing from a distance. There is an X-contact on the back of the product, so you can connect it to another strobe with a sync cord to enable dual strobe operation. The strobe can also fire when it is bounced off a white wall. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, day and night, and is a product that supports your photography.

*For straight light emission: For cameras with only one main flash.

Effective working distance: 6.5 m to 20 m
Note: Effective working distance varies depending on beam angle.
Note: Pre-flash is not supported.

Size: 35.5(H)X27(W)X34(D)mm
Weight: 24g

UNX-7539 4,065 yen (including tax)
JAN: 4907822075390