UNX-8133~UNX-8135 /UNX-8117/UNX-8118

Square Lens Hood with a Cap

This is a high-grade square hood that is used by attaching a special aluminum ring (37mm/39mm/43mm/46mm/49mm/52mm) to the lens and then attaching a resin (made in Japan) square hood. The square-shaped hood is made of resin (made in Japan). It also comes with a special cap for easy carrying.

Size: 59.6(H)X65(W)X13.5(D)mm Weight: 10.9g
(Square hood only)

Note 1: When using the built-in flash, the strobe light may be blurred.
Note 2: 49mm adapter ring of the UNX-8521 is necessary to attach on the Fuji Fine Pix X100/X100S/X100T/X70.
Note 3: When shooting with the viewfinder attached on Fuji Fine Pix X100/X100S/X100T/X70, please note that the square-shaped hood will be slightly visible in the lower right corner of the viewfinder.

UNX-8133 39㎜ 6,788 yen (tax included) JAN code: 4907822081162
UNX-8134 43㎜ 6,788 yen (tax included) JAN code:4907822081346
UNX-8117 46㎜ 6,788 yen (tax included) JAN code: 4907822081179
UNX-8118 49㎜ 6,788 yen (tax included) JAN code:4907822081186
UNX-8135 52㎜ 6,788 yen (tax included) JAN code:4907822081353