Film Cutter Guide for Barnack Leica

This is a stainless steel film cutter guide for Barnack-type Leica cameras. In the past, the tongue of the film was long enough for the Barnack-type Leica, so there was no problem when filling the film, but with today’s short tongue film, filling does not work properly, so the tongue needs to be lengthened. This item makes it possible to lengthen the tongue easily and neatly, and makes it possible to fill your Barnack-type Leica film smoothly. The material is SUS, so even if you insert the cutter blade along the guide, it will not cut the body.

Size: 40.4(H)X120.1(W)X4.0t (including screw) mm / Weight 63.3g
Material: SUS

UNX-8624 6.050 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822086242