Small Video Camera Rain Cover 37mm

This is a rain cover for small camcorders that allows you to shoot in the rain. Unlike the camera raincoat, the rain cover is attached to the lens ring of the camcorder, so that you can attach your favorite hood or filter to the end of the ring. The lens ring is available in 37mm filter diameter to protect your precious camcorder from not only rain but also sand and dust. In addition, it can be folded and carried compactly, making it very convenient to carry without getting in the way. This is a recommended item to expand the shooting scene of your small video camera!

Set contents: Cover, ring
Country of origin: China (Cover fabric and ring are made in Japan)

Note 1: Not completely waterproof.
Note 2: The attached ring cannot be attached to video cameras that do not have a screw at the end of the lens.
Note 3: Depending on the model, vignetting may occur at wide end.

UNX-8108 4,169yen(tax included) JAN: 4907822081087