Professional Bracket D System
For Nikon/Canon (with TTL cord)

When shooting with conventional strobes, the strobe is attached to the camera’s hot shoe or L-shaped bar, but it is difficult to get the desired light angle (position). The Professional Bracket D System is a professional bracket with three bracket bars that can be combined at various angles to provide various strobe positions required by professional photographers.
The bracket is connected to the strobe with supplied screws and nuts to eliminate rattling which is inevitable with a standard bracket (shoe + strobe) and is designed to withstand intense camera work by professional photographers.
A TTL cord is also included so that you can attach the strobe on a digital SLR camera with a hot shoe to shoot in TTL mode without removing the strobe from the camera or use two strobes alternately since the camera is equipped with a TTL shoe as well. Disassembling the bracket bar into three pieces makes it compact and very convenient to carry. This is a recommended bracket for more beautiful and comfortable photography!

The included shoe cord is made by Nissin Japan, which is well known for its strobes.

The shoe cord is equipped with a multi-contact shoe and can be attached on a digital SLR camera or a digital camera with a hot shoe to shoot in TTL mode without any switch.

Weight: 360g (bracket), 70g (shoe cord)

UNX-8111 18,648 yen (tax included) JAN : 490782081117