Universal Grip Cords

This is a cord for the Universal ST Grip. Choose the one that matches your camera’s release terminal. Total of 9 types.

Open price (estimated retail price: 1.551 yen (including tax))
*Estimated retail price for UNX-8251: 1.848 yen (tax included))

Size (total length):.
Cord: normally approx. 30 cm, extended: approx. 80 cm
UNX-8244 is normally approx. 36cm, extended: approx. 86cm
UNX-8251 is normally approx. 33 cm, extended: approx. 104 cm
UNX-8252 is normally approx. 45.6cm, extended: approx. 113.6cm

UNX-8239 NikonMC-30 1.551 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822082398
UNX-8240 NikonMC-DC2 1.551 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822082404
UNX-8242 Canon 80N3 1.551 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822082428
UNX-8243 OlympusRM-UC1 1.551 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822082435
UNX-8244 PanasonicDMW-RSL1 1.551 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822082442
UNX-8245 SonyRM-S1AM 1.551 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822082459
UNX-8246 φ2.5プラグ用 1.551 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822082466
UNX-8251 SonyRM-VPR1 1.848 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822082510
UNX-8252 Fuji RR-100 1.551 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822082527

Country of origin: China