Step-up ring for Leica M viewfinder

This is a UN’s original step-up ring for Leica M viewfinder. It is a convenient item to support your photography by attaching an eyepiece auxiliary lens for Nikon (for FM3A/NewFM2/FE2/FM2/FE/FA) or diopter correction lens for Cocina (for Bessa/Zeiss Ikon). The lens is made of aluminum and anodized in matte black for a high quality finish.

*Note: Due to the distance of the eye point, it will be difficult to see the four corners of the frame.

Attachable diopter correcting lenses
Eyepiece auxiliary lens for Nikon FM3A/NewFM2/FE2/FM2/FE/FA
Diopter correction lens for Cosina Bessa/Zeiss Ikon

Outer diameter: Φ21mm / Weight: 1.43g
Diopter correction attachment part: M19xP0.75
Viewfinder attachment part: M12xP0.5

Material: Aluminum

UNX-8632 2.750 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822086327