4LR(SR)44 conversion adapter

This adapter converts silver oxide SR44 (4 pcs) or alkaline LR44 (4 pcs) batteries to 4LR44 (4SR44) appearance. It can be used with Canon A-1/Nikomat EL/Pentax 6×7/Contax RTS III and other 4LR44 (4SR44) models.

In rare cases, there are LR(SR)44 batteries made overseas that are outside the standard dimensions (5.4mm).
If you use a battery outside the standard dimensions, the height of the battery may be insufficient for the height of the adapter.

Outer diameter: Φ13×23.75(H)mm Weight: 2.87g

Material: ABS/Brass

UNX-8643 1,650 yen (tax included) JAN: 4907822086433