Genuine Leather Case for Nikon Zfc

This is a genuine leather camera case for Nikon Zfc, carefully and painstakingly made in collaboration between U.N’s aluminum cutting technology and leather craftsmen in Asakusabashi, Tokyo, the city of leather products. The sewing thread is in yellow, the color of Nikon.
The bottom of the case is made of machined aluminum so that the camera battery can be replaced even when the case is mounted, and there is a tripod screw (on the optical axis of the lens) on the bottom so that the case can be mounted on a tripod.
Even after the case is installed, the classic design of the Zfc is not lost.

Material: Cowhide/Aluminum
Size: 70(H)x140(W)x40(D)mm Weight: 82g

UNX-8646 13.200yen(tax included) JANコ:4907822086464