U.N Grip Stay S Type Ⅱ

The U.N Grip-Stay S is an underwater bracket with two screws for compactness. A rubber sheet is attached on the stay to improve adhesion to the housing. This helps to prevent scratches on the bottom of the housing as the aluminum bar is not directly attached on the bottom of the housing. It can be attached on a wide range of housings from compact housings such as PT-059 for Olympus TG6 to mirrorless SLR housings. You can choose from three colors: black, red and blue.

*Please note that the red and blue colors may vary from part to part.

Size: W212 (maximum from grip) x H126 x D30 mm
Weight: 224g

UNZ-2630 Black 9,900 yen(tax included) JAN:4907822026309
UNZ-2631 Red 9,900 yen(tax included) JAN:4907822026316
UNZ-2632 Blue 9,900 yen(tax included) JAN : 4907822026323