Multi-Camera Bar Ⅱ

This is an UN original aluminum multi-camera bar II that can be used to mount three cameras side by side, and you can attach different lenses (wide-angle, telephoto, standard, etc.) to each of the three cameras, or change the shooting mode of each camera to enjoy various shots from the same angle. The tripod mount uses an Arca Swiss compatible plate for smooth mounting and dismounting. The center of the bar is marked with an engraved line to indicate the center of the bar. The bottom of the tripod has five U-1/4×20 camera screw holes and two U-3/8×16 screw holes, making it very convenient to use.

Center positioning load capacity: approx. 3.0kg
Left-right positioning load capacity: approx. 1.0 kg

Weight: approx. 360g

Material: Bracket/Center screw: Aluminum
    Side screw: Brass, ABS

UNX-57089,900 yen (tax included)JAN: 4907822057082