Lens Rear Cap For Nikon S/ Old Contax

U.N original rear cap for Nikon S/Old Contax Lenses.
The rear cap is machined from aluminum and anodized in black to give it a luxurious finish, as befits a classic camera and lens that is highly regarded as a work of art.
The three outer claws on the mount are of equal length and protrude to allow smooth attachment from any location other than the eye point. This protects rare lenses from dust and dirt.

・Cannot be attached to a 5cm standard lens with an inside

 claw type lens.
・Lenses with a large protruding rear lens element (e.g.,

  Contax: Biogon) cannot be attached. 

Material: Aluminum
Weight: Approx. 14,64g

UNX-86503,300yen(tax included)JAN:4907822086501