One-touch lens cap (with anti-drop cord)

The cap is mounted in the center of the cap, so it can be easily attached and removed even when a lens hood is attached. (27mm/28mm/30mm/34mm are both side type.) It also comes with an anti-drop cord to prevent loss of the cap. The lens cap is available in 19 different sizes from 27mm to 105mm to suit your lens.

Note: This product may not be usable for some types of lens or lens hood such as fisheye lens.

UNX-9539 (27mm) 385 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095398
UNX-9540 (28mm) 385 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095404
UNX-9541 (30mm) 385 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095411
UNX-9542 (34mm) 385 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095428
UNX-9501 (37mm) 315 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095015
UNX-9502 (40.5mm) 315 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095022
UNX-9503 (46mm) 294 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095039
UNX-9504 (49mm) 294 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095046
UNX-9505 (52mm) 294 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095053
UNX-9506 (55mm) 294 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095060
UNX-9507 (58mm) 294 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095077
UNX-9508 (62mm) 366 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095084
UNX-9509 (67mm) 366 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095091
UNX-9510 (72mm) 482 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095107
UNX-9511 (77mm) 482 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095114
UNX-9512 (82mm) 535 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095121
UNX-9513 (86mm) 535 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095138
UNX-9514 (95mm) 880 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095145
UNX-9535 (105mm) 1320 yen (tax included) JAN:4907822095350

Country of origin: China